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Titan Extra Large Christmas Tree Stand

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About shipments to the EU

We don't currently ship to the EU due to new tax rules, however goods can be purchased from our Etsy shop.

Ensure your Large Christmas Tree is secure with the Titan Extra Large stand is suitable for up to 15ft trees, this is ideal for commercial use, as well as schools, villages halls, churches, shops as well as the home. The stand has 3 legs and designed to support the heavy Christmas trees 13ft, 14ft and 15ft tall.

These stands are superbly welded and finished in a green powder coating. Their water holding vessels are made of heavy gauge steel and are supported by thick tubular or box section legs. Rubber end caps aid stability and the tree is held vertically by three decorative screws and a strong centre pin to the base of the vessel. Weights or sand bags can be placed over the legs for added support.

Up to 450cm / 15 ft tree 

Up to 18 cm / 7" diameter tree trunk

7.5 litres water

Heavy duty steel construction

3 wooden wedges for extra bracing 

Saves low branches

Attractive screw bolt adjusters

Powder coated finish

Rubber end caps

Measures 130 cms / 51" in diameter. 

Please note this comes as per the second photos, and has to be assembled once received. All the bolts required to secure the legs to the stand collar are included.