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Green Limes with Cinnamon Sticks and Orange Slices Circle

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About shipments to the EU

We don't currently ship to the EU due to new tax rules, however goods can be purchased from our Etsy shop.

A scrumptious circle of dark green limes, slices of orange, peppers and cinnamon make up this fruit Christmas wreath, it smells so good you could eat it (please don't!).

The circle is made from a wire base, with high quality dried festive fruit looped on, its secured and has a raffia loop, so you can hang it on a door (under cover), in a window, over a mantlepiece or in a hallway. The fruit smells of a wonderful citrus and cinnamon Christmas scent, which freshens up the room and brings festive cheer.

The one you order may vary slightly from the photographs, as each is handmade from real dried fruit, the pattern will be the same.

Measures between 20 - 25 cms in diameter, depending on the fatness of the fruit!

Weighs approx 300g

Display in the dry, not for consumption.